Municipal Court
Civil Fee Schedule

Civil Limit: $15,000
Small Claims Limit: $6,000


Civil Filing**

Civil Filing (one defendant) $120.00
Additional Defendants (each) $5.00


Eviction Filing

Eviction with Bailiff Service and Ordinary Mail with Certificate of Mailing (one defendant) $120.00
Additional Defendants (each) $5.00
Certified Mail Service (each defendant) $10.00


Alias Summons on Complaint

Certified Mail $10.00
Regular Mail $2.00



Counterclaim $10.00


Amended Complaint**

Amended Complaint $10.00


Third Party Complaint**

Third Party Complaint $10.00


Writ of Restitution

Writ of Restitution $30.00


Small Claim**

Small Claim (one defendant) $77.00
Transfer to Civil $43.00
Additional Defendants (each) $5.00



Debtor’s Exam (Order in Aid) $15.00
Citation in Contempt (Show Cause) $15.00
Service by Publication (Deposit – Cost will vary.) $200.00
Service by Sheriff (Deposit – Cost will vary.) $50.00
Certificate of Judgment $2.00
Replevin/Execution** $300.00
Garnishment $125.00
Civil Appeal $100.00
Bank Attachment (plus $1.00 check made payable to bank) $35.00
Jury Deposit (Due when Jury Demand is filed – Actual cost may vary.) $500.00
Certified Copy of Entry (fee per page) $1.00
Exemplified Copy (Triple Seal) $5.00
Trusteeship $50.00
Revivor $10.00
Appeal to Dog Designation $120.00
Cross Claim** $10.00
BMV Petition for Driving Privileges $120.00
ALS Appeal $120.00
Transfer Case to Another Court** $10.00
Subpoena (check made payable to witness to be served with subpoena) $6.00 half day
$12.00 full day


**Filing fee includes certified service.