Protection Order Center

A protection order is a document issued by a civil court that orders the person who is abusing, harassing, or stalking you to stop doing so or be punished by the court. You can apply for a protection order at any time, even if: criminal charges have not been filed against the person harassing you, or you have already obtained a Temporary Protection Order as part of a criminal proceeding.

Protection orders can last for any period of time, up to five years. While protection orders can help keep you safe, they are only pieces of paper and you still must take other steps to protect yourself. If you are interested in applying for a protection order, read below to see what type of protection order you should apply for.

Civil Stalking or Sexually Oriented Offense Protection Order (SSOOPO)

If you or a family member fear for your safety because you are being threatened with harm, followed, or harassed by a person (relative or stranger), or you are the victim of a sexually oriented offense, you can apply for a Civil Stalking or Sexually Oriented Offense Protection Order. If any of these descriptions apply to you, click here for more information.

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